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XIR Programmer - Do It Yourself

The information needed to build the XIR Programmer is presented here. The programmer is somewhat simple to build, but care must be taken when building anything that will interface with your computer so as to prevent any damage to either system.

The information presented here is presented as is with no warranty of any kind whatsoever.

Minor change on V2.5 FW. Two points beside the LED must be bridged in order for Serial Programmer to work. Contact me for more details.

The Schematic:

Parts List:
1 - 1N4148 Diode
1 - 1k ohm resistor
1 - 5 Volt Voltage Regulator - 78L05
1 - DB 9 Female connector
1 - Switch/Jumper (for mode select)

- The diode type is not so important, so long as it is in place, this is to protect the XIR and components from the Negative voltage thats created by the serial port when the RTS/DTS (power) lines are turned off.

The pin header on the schematic matches the top right of the V2 XIR pcb as such: