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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside of North America ?

Yes. We ship anywhere in the world.

Does the XIR Easy Kit/Pro Kit come with the IR Receiver ?
Yes. Both kits come with all the components needed to use the XIR, including the IR Receiver unit.

How does D0 Control work ?
Depending how the xbox is turned on, using select or display, the modchip will be enabled or disabled. To enable the modchip, D0 is grounded, to disable the modchip D0 is left to float.

Usage instructions are at the bottom of the Installation Guide for D0

Does the XIR Replace the DVD Dongle ?
No. The XIR is its own device independant of the DVD Dongle and its Functionality.

Can I use a different remote with the XIR ?
The XIR was made to work with the official MS DVD Playback Kit Remote. Some 3rd party remotes will also work, some wont. Most RCA DVD Remotes will also work.
You can use a learning remote and learn the ir signals from an MS DVD Playback Kit Remote (or RCA DVD Remote).

V2 of the firmware introduces learning of IR signals, which will allow you to use other remotes.

The Select/Display button is turning on and off my xbox.
Check the wire marked 3.3v. This wire tells the XIR if the xbox is ON or Off and determines which buttons to respond to.

Can I have XIR V1 upgraded to V2 ?
Yes, for free. To make full use of the new features, that is, change any settings, you will need to buy/make a programming cable. Contact us for more details.
Does the XIR work on a soft-modded xbox ? Other mods ?
Yes, the XIR will work with any XBOX irrelevant if it has a mod or not, or what type of mod it has.