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XIR Remote Home

Turn on and off your xbox from the comfort of your couch or bed using the XIR and the Xbox DVD playback kit remote.
Also control your modchip, enable and disable any LPC style modchip. (Controls D0)

There are two kits available depending on your skill level, XIR Easy and XIR Pro, Both provide the same functionality.

- The Easy kit requires no soldering and installs in seconds.
- The Pro kit requires soldering of wires and installs in 2 minutes.

See how simple it is to use here

NEW V2.5 FW Available Now
See XIR V2 Beta for more details.

The new V2 XIR Firmware allowes full configuration of the XIR's features.
Learning of any button, and the ability to disable any of the features is a small set of the features. For more information on the features and to order a unit go to the XIR V2 Beta page.

News (old news)
- 1/2/2012 - Happy New Year! Thank you all for all your business in 2011. We are still received orders, kits are made as orders are received.
- 2/7/2011 - Update to XIR Programming software to support the new USB Programming Cable

Coming Soon:
You tell us what you would like in the new firmware. Use the Contact Us page.

Thanks to Gcue for coming up with the website design and layout.

A big Thank You to the original creator of the XIR, squar0L