XIR Ordering with PayPal (incl Credit Cards)

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Current Status:
Full Stock of Pro and Easy Kit's. Orders are shipping every 1-2 weeks.
XIR V2 Beta Programming Cable - USB. In Stock

Important: Jul, 2017. Orders are shipping every few weeks. Please check with me for exact times.

Step 1

XIR V1: Qty Price Total
XIR Easy Kit x $23.00 = $0.00
XIR Pro Kit x $19.75 = $0.00

XIR V2 Beta:
XIR Easy Kit V2 Beta x $23.00 = $0.00
XIR Pro Kit V2 Beta x $19.75 = $0.00
XIR V2 Beta Programming Cable - Serial x $1.75 = $0.00
XIR V2 Beta Programming Cable - USB x $5.00 = $0.00

Misc Parts: (not needed for XIR Kit's)
Pic 16F627 Programmed x $8.00 = $0.00
IR Receiver Module 3.3v x $2.75 = $0.00

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Any problems or questions email green@nicolas.cx